Tuesday, 20 May 2014

3DPrinted map of United Kingdom

After scouring the web for a nice displacement map of the UK I finally decided it was time to put the Orcabot to the test with some challenging contours. Using a bit of CAD wizardry I got an STL file with a little help from Rhino3d. So far so good.
After re-sizing for the bed and slicing on a 0.25mm layer SOLID I played the 3dprint.
And here is the result:


Now you can see just how useful a real object like this map would be for travelers, mountain climbers search and rescue. Potentially one could cut a portion of the relief bump map and scale it up then 3dprint a larger one. Here is another photo of the outline of the 3DPrintUK doing England.
Magicmodel is an affordable 3DPrinting or rapid prototyping service in UK that aims to cater for the needs of all you engineers, sculptors, architects and industrial ...

Friday, 16 May 2014

Architectural MDF 3dprint combined

Just to show how versatile Magicmodel is with their projects we have just successfully completed a scale model of an architectural building.

The basic block shapes did not lend themselves to 3dprinting so they were made using good old fashioned   mdf or medium density fibreboard.

Lots of blood sweat and tears went into this model........but it was worth it to see such a great clean result.

Airfix 3DPrint

This 3DPrint was one of my early designs which I reverse engineered from a wooden version of the same toy design I got from a kinder surprise egg.

Airfix F1Car 3DPrint by Magicmodel

UK Furniture Design

More work from some amazing students in Birmingham who have been frantically rendering away some virtual prototypes. With the help of Magicmodel to bring them to life.
 The prototype scale model was carefully prepared for the 3dprinter and thickness of skin was optimised to give the best fit for sliding drawers etc.

Also it's the first time that Magicmodel has used 3 different colour materials for the same product. It came out really effective and sharp. Customer was delighted with the result :-)

UK Product Design

As the year of 3dprinting really takes off with lots of 'off the shelf' printers becoming more widely available I thought I would maintain my loyalty with Mendelparts as my original Orcabot has been like a workhorse.
Any way here is an example of some of the 3dprints I have been doing for students of industrial design recently.

A great example of a simple yet elegant design for a cheesegrater with collecting bucket. The London design student opted to hand/sand finish her own work, and I am sure she did it justice.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Makers Unite

He's a maker......she's a maker....they are maker's ......I am a maker and you are a maker. 
Lets all make the world a better place.