Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Makerbot Thingiverse and Rapman Home 3d Printers

An exiting revolution is happening in the wonderful world of 3D Printing. Replicators are popping up all over the online community and hobbyists and 3d printing enthusiasts are now beginning to print useful things.

This is an extremely important step in the world of consumerism, where no longer will we need to go to the local hardware shop to purchase a crevice tool for our Dyson because the dog accidentally thought it was a bone!

Yes, now we can 3d print our own and use it straight away.

Think of the endless possibilities of products that these rapid prototyping machines could make. No more products on shelves gathering dust. Just 3D Printing on demand.

Who is going to store all the raw materials?
Where is China going to fit in to all this?

All will be revealed in the next 10 years!
Watch this space.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Games workshop warhammer

Just passed the Games Workshop in town and popped in for a look. Got into a cool painting demo from the nice and kind shop owner Stuart. Saw how cool some of the models were and decided to get my a*** in gear to offer custom bespoke characters to any scale:

This new service would also be useful for those making dioramas but especially cool for RPG role playing gamers to have a piece that is special to them rather that an 'off-the-shelf' orc or elf designed by A.N.Other.

Will be posting a price plan soon using the Mecha Warrior Space Pirate as a case study.

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Dentist Is Alive........

Big thank you to Scott Andrews of
He 3d printed Wayne Robson's The Dentist for a really cool price.

It was made on his Perfactory machine with the mini-multi lens with an resin called Nanocure.
I'm sure you will agree that the resolution is the highest that can be achieved on any 3d printer in todays market.

I intend to use this as a master model to make a mould from so anyone wishing to purchase a casting then please get in touch