Saturday, 2 April 2011

What Camera?

Just went to look for a camera to take some nice new photos of figures for magicmodel website and low and behold the wife has thrown it in the bin!@!@£$:-(
It was a nice Nicon coolpix passed down from my father-in-law. The battery cover was knackered but I could still get a crackin photo using mains power.

The next step was to try and find the secondary camera, the panasonic lumix.......guess what it has mysteriously dissapeared.

That left my iphone or the sony camcorder.
Any way decided to try some test shots with the iphone to see if the macro was good enough......what macro indeed.

On another note I heard some bad electric cracklin noise where my 4 way adapter for the pc plugs into the wall. Decided to swap the old for the new, see photos below (taken with iphone)

No fizzy crackilin now yippe, no danger of pc accidental power failure caused by some old nineteen fifties electric socket. I'm off to listen to the Craig Charles funk and soul show.